23MM CAMPUS RUNG, Moon Climbing 23MM CAMPUS RUNG, Moon Climbing

23MM CAMPUS RUNG, Moon Climbing

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Potencia o teu treino de escalada e a tua força de dedos com esta campus training board.

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23mm Campus Rung

Is it time for your One Five Nine? Switch your climbing finger strength training up a gear, using a single or series of Moon Climbing Campus Rungs. Perfect for campus training, hang training and warm ups where space is at a premium.

A campus board is a very basic piece of equipment, consisting of a slightly overhanging wooden board and a series of wooden rungs, which are evenly spaced upwards. The idea of this apparatus is that you campus (climb) up the wooden rungs without using you feet. This focusses all stress into your arms and fingers.

Designed by Ben Moon for maximum versatility to the spec of the original Wolfgang Gullich campus board and the original School Room, the 23mm Campus Rung incorporates a unique two four-finger pocket layout.

Despite being designed to be used in series, a campus rung can be used singularly as an alternative to a Deadhang Training Rung.

To replicate the School Room and Wolfgang Gullich's original campus board setup, build your board angle at 13 degrees .


The Campus board was first designed and built by the legendary Wolfgang Gullich in the late 1980’s. He desired a training apparatus that would help him gain the required strength to make the first ascent of Action Directe 9a in Germany’s Frankenjura.

When designing the campus board, Wolfgang was looking for an apparatus that could be used to improve explosive power and contact strength in the fingers and arms. It was also important that it incorporated simple yet specific movements which were found on many of the harder climbs in the Frankenjura.

It wasn'’t long before the idea of the campus board caught on amongst the world’'s leading climbers, including the likes of Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat. These climbers added campus sessions into their strict training regimes back on English soil in the early 1990’s.

The Moon Climbing Campus Rungs are designed to the specifications of the original Wolfgang Gullich campus board and the original School Room board.

  • Wood: marine grade, sustainably sourced high-quality birch plywood

  • 500mm wide - wider than standard rungs for utilising a wider grip

  • 60mm height

  • Can be used with bolt and screw fixings (not included)

  • Unique design incorporating two four-finger pockets

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