Meias EVERYDAY LIGHTWEIGHT BOOT Merino Endurance - Black, Bridgedale

Meias EVERYDAY LIGHTWEIGHT BOOT Merino Endurance - Black, Bridgedale

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Meias para crianças com excelente durabilidade e conforto.


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Perfect for the office, hanging out with friends or travelling to your next adventure, the Everyday Lightweight Merino Performance is a durable sock you can wear all day, every day.

Knit with super-fine merino wool throughout and double ankle padding and underfoot cushioning for added comfort it offers superb softness next to skin while providing excellent thermal and moisture control properties.… 

The Flat Toe Seam minimises bulk that could cause irritation and the sock is kept securely in place with an Elasticated Arch and 3D-shaped Y-heel cup. Built on a structure of Lycra® and set by our Thermo Fit process ensures the sock returns to its original shape and size after every wash.



40% Merino wool

40% Endurofil®/polypropylene

18% Nylon/polyamide

2% LYCRA®/elastane

Weight (pair) : 41gms (size Large) 





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FusionTech Merino Performance brings together Merino Wool, know for its anti-bacterial properties, New Wool with its soft, resilient bres and technical synthetic yarns in a knit to provide a close supportive t with resilent padding, balanced insulation, moisture wicking and outstanding durability for all day comfort. 

Ideal for long distance walking and trekking.




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Bridgedale Fusion Technology is the unique blend of yarn and knitting technology that sets Bridgedale apart from other sock brands. It is the combination of the highest quality natural yarns, wrapped with high performance micro bres knit and nished on the latest machinery to create socks that ensure all day comfort. These unique combinations place yarns where they are needed to ensure that whichever Bridgedale sock you choose, they will perform to the highest level.

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